I’m a classically trained pilates instructor, certified by the Pilates Method Alliance, a  NASM-CPT personal trainer and a former national level figure competitor.

     After 30+ years of designing and building oil and gas facilities, it was time to apply my technical mind and fitness experience to the intricate design of the human body.  I left my corporate job and opened my first business, Studio KDRX in the Houston Heights. I wanted to contribute to the community by helping individuals improve their quality of life.  

      Since opening Studio KDRX, I’ve been thrilled to help men and women – many of them older – improve their flexibility and strength, stand taller, reduce pain, and enjoy their life more fully.

     Many people think of Pilates as just a stretching regime for women, but my one-on-one and two-on-one Pilates lessons help people improve their breathing, core strength, whole body control, and range of motion.  Learning to move more efficiently makes everyday life more enjoyable…standing for long periods of time no longer exhausts you… you’re not left with a sore back after giving the dog a bath.  One woman, who couldn’t even do a sit-up the first day, claims that Pilates enhanced her love life!  Athletes can benefit by improving flexibility, learning how to eliminate pain and gaining a sense of where their body is in space.  I use Pilates for active recovery after weightlifting and crossfit, to challenge my mind and body and to feel great!

    My athletic resume encompasses running, biking, hiking, weightlifting, crossfit, karate and of course, Pilates!  I discovered it when training for a national level figure competition - weightlifting and cardio left my lower back chronically stiff and painful.  Pilates helped me to regain movement and over time to maintain flexibility and eliminate pain.  I continue to hone my teaching and movement skills by regularly taking private lessons from Chris Robinson, a native Houstonian and second-generation teacher, who apprenticed with legends Romana Kryzanowska and Jay Grimes and coached Oprah.  I also train with third generation teachers Courtney Lindsay and Kale Luhrman at Control Studios. 

              “Change happens through movement and movement heals." 
                                                                             Joseph Pilates