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Kristen Dockter worked as an engineer and project manager in the oil & gas industry for many years before founding Studio KDRx Pilates in her Heights home in 2018. Kristen completed her initial training in classical pilates at Washington Avenue Pilates and stepped up her game with a bridge training through Real Pilates NYC in 2020. She continues to study with second generation teachers Rachel Segal and Kathi Ross-Nash (KRN) and to expand her home studio. She is currently applying to KRN’s advanced teacher training program.


A decade ago, Kristen competed as a national level figure athlete. During her fitness journey, she obtained a black belt in traditional karate, completed several century bike rides, ran a few half marathons, backpacked the Appalachain trail and maintained her fitness with weightlifting and crossfit. Many clients claim that Kristen’s engineering mind and weightlifting experience provide the intuition to progress you faster. Today she enjoys hiking and agility training with her best friend Emmy and stays fit with pilates.



Shauna Proler grew up hiking in Utah and worked as a massage therapist at Sundance where she met her current husband and moved to Houston. She started her pilates journey after herniating a disc and completed her first pilates certification through Peak. She then enrolled in Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates teacher training program where she met Kristen. COVID opened up opportunities for online learning that Shauna took full advantage of – studying with Rachel Segal, KRN, Sherri Berkowitz (a biomechanist), Eric Franklin, Niedra Gabriel and others – all of whom are well known practitioners in the pilates method. Shauna is on a learning journey and is continually studying pilates and complementary modalities to heal her body from a hiking injury and limitations caused by repetitive motion. Best of all, Shauna will keep you smiling and laughing when you train with her.



Emmy, the pilates dog – or affectionately known as MC for C-curve, is our relationship manager. She ensures that everyone knows they are loved and cared for and adds a bit of playfulness to your hour. She senses when clients are sad or tired and sometimes lays beside them while they work out or curls up in their lap.      

Meet the Team

I did body pump for 17 years but after hand surgery, I had to stop and no longer had an ongoing fitness routine. In almost 3 years of pilates practice with Kristen, I resolved pain from sciatica, a rotator cuff injury, and knee sublaxation. I gained strength and stability, improved muscle tone, opened up my chest and back, and my boyfriend loves my curvier figure. The amazing variety of equipment gives me options when an exercise is too much for my hands.  Karen K

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